About us

Marzia e Michela Hublitz


LA GASTRONOMICA (THE GOURMET) was born in the 70’s in the heart of Tuscany.

Sisters Marzia and Michela Hublitz in 1989 created the SICAS which now produces frozen pre-cooked, frozen fresh pasta, seafood and “earth” plates inspired by Tuscany tradition. Passion and creativity, but also rigor in traditional methods, makes what we do unique and safe.

Our products are designed to wholesalers in the service of Restaurant and Bar (Pub, Gourmet ecc), and chains Food Distribution.

Our goal is quality and fidelity to tradition, to meet the needs of our customers with flexibility.

About us:

Corriere di Maremma

The art of freezing the traditional dishes

Two sisters, one passion inherited from the parents, one for the kitchen. If the kitchen floor faithfully respects the history of the Maremma, the company is not far behind in the kitchen with fish, so that the impression is the one followed by the chef of a very high specialization in seafood. “This is due to our knowledge from generations of the fish market – says Marzia Hublitz – a family tradition that we want to project in production processes.”Among the strengths of the company stands out the female component” counting members, employees and collaborators are fifteen, “said Michela Hublitz” for most women. Our carattteristiche are prudence in managing entrepreneurial spirit of sacrifice and sense of responsibility. And as we grew our industry experience, we realized how important it is to listen to all the human resources with which we come into contact, from customers to suppliers and those who work with us. The opening is critical. ” This is evidenced by the training courses that the owners have to follow to employees on safety, hygiene and kitchen.